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Diploma in Technology

Bangladesh Government Approved Reg.No 3391(180)

Course Code Name of Course Min. Quali. Duration
05DS Diploma in Computer Science & ICT H.S.C 6 Month
01CA Certificate in Computer Science & Application S.S.C 3 Month
02DC Diploma in Computer Hardware, Software & Troubleshooting S.S.C 6 Month
03HD Higher Diploma in Computer Science H.S.C 2 Years
07DG Diploma in Graphics Design S.S.C 3 Month
22DS Diploma in Multilingual Secretarial Science (Data Entry/Typing) S.S.C 3 Month
26LS Certificate in Library & Information Science S.S.C 6 Month
17EE Diploma in Electric & Electronic Technology S.S.C 3 Month
12DM Diploma in Dress Making & Tailoring Technology JSC/SSC 3 Month
08WD Web Design & Development H.S.C 4 Month
05hC Diploma in Land Surveyor Technology Course (Aminship) S.S.C 3 Month
06AC Diploma In Auto CAD S.S.C 3 Month
26LS Diplolma In Welding Technology S.S.C 6 Month
26LS Diplolma In Sprayer Mechanic Technology S.S.C 6 Month
PLUM Certificate/Diploma Course in Plumbing, Refrigeration & Aircondition S.S.C 6 Month
CONS Diploma in Mason, Steel Fixture, Carpenter, Sattering, Carpenter & Painter S.S.C 6 Month
FPT Diploma in Food Processing & Preservation Technology S.S.C 1 Year
23DL Diploma in Fish Culture Technology S.S.C 3 Month
24CG Certificate in Rural Agriculture Development S.S.C 3 Month
16LP Diploma in Livestock & Poultry Technology S.S.C 3 Month
19AD Certificate in Arts & Culture (Professional) S.S.C 3 Month
DMAT Diploma in Medical Assistant S.S.C 1 Year
10RDA Diploma in Medical Professional Course for Rural Doctors on (Allopathy) S.S.C 6 Month
11CLS Diploma in Medical Profrssional Course on Pharmacist S.S.C 1 Year